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We have launched a new reusable to-go container program – Choose to Reuse – ReusePass to reduce packaging waste. By participating in the Choose to Reuse program, you can help McMaster University achieve its sustainability goals while also taking steps to protect the environment.

The Choose to Reuse program is open to active students, staff, and faculty and available at Centro@Commons.

The disposable to-go fee is $1.25. At Centro, customers can dine in or ask for your meal in a green container to save money and reduce waste.

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ENJOY. Order your to go order in a “green container” and check out at cash with your ReusePass.

RETURN. Return your empty container to the Commons “Choose to Reuse” bin to avoid late fees. Used containers will be washed and sanitized in our dish room.

REUSE. Save $1.25 and reduce waste by selecting to dine-in or “Choose to Reuse” each time you eat at CENTRO@Commons.

Students, staff, and faculty can participate in the Choose to Reuse program. The program makes checking out a reusable container a lot like checking out a library book!

To download/access your ReusePass – go to and enter your phone number. Once you’ve verified your phone number, you’ll be asked to sign in with your MacID and password. Don’t worry, it’s a fast process!

Once you’ve acknowledged the terms, you’ll get access to your ReusePass account. Open your pass. You can add it to Apple Wallet or screenshot it to save it to your phone. A Centro cashier will scan this QR code along with the reusable container at checkout to associate the container with your account – just like checking out a library book!

You can access your account at any time using

Once you check out your first container, you’ll receive an SMS from ReusePass with details on how the program works and a link for how to access your ReusePass account. You can reference your ReusePass account to see a full record of all the containers you’ve checked out, when they are due back, and if you’ve missed any due dates.

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Containers should be returned to the Choose to Reuse collection bins in the Commons lobby. Containers should be empty before returning – if you need you can use the food waste collection bins in the Commons building to empty any remaining food.

You do not need to scan them. The dishwasher team will take care of that.

Containers are due back 3 days after checkout. If you fail to return within that 3-day window, the container will be marked as “Late”. You have 48 hours to return a “Late” container; containers that are not received by the end of the “Late” window will be liable for a $5.00/container charge, charged to your student account at the end of the semester. This fee will cover the cost to repurchase the container.

Containers that are shown under the “Due soon” section of your ReusePass account are containers you have recently checked out that are still within the 3-day checkout window and have not yet been scanned in by a team member.

Containers that have not been returned by the end of the 3-day checkout window will be marked as late. Don’t worry, late doesn’t mean charged! Once a container is late, you have 48 hours to return it. Containers that are not received by the end of the late window will be liable for an $5.00 charge. Charges will be posted to student accounts at the end of the semester.

Late charges for the Fall semester will be processed on Friday, December 22, 2023. Late charges for the Winter semester will be processed Friday, April 26th, 2024. Student accounts will be charged on Mosaic.

Late Fee Structure

Yes. We recommend microwaving them in one minute increments.

That’s ok; you can access your ReusePass on a desktop computer or laptop at Then you print out your QR code and ensure you have it on you at cash out.

Sorry, at this time we can only give out reusable containers if they are connected to a personal QR code.