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Attending university is about experiences, learning and enrichment.
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Hospitality Services is a McMaster University department that directly supports these endeavours by providing a variety of trending and healthy foods on campus. We are committed to enhancing the campus life experience by supporting the University vision and by fostering a culture of inclusivity and respect. We provide the McMaster community with an evolving variety of world cuisine options to accommodate the diversity of student needs including vegetarian choices, international food menus, healthy options, quick snacks and made-to-order entrees that are readily available seven days a week. It is our goal to make your dining experience enjoyable and fulfilling by providing high quality food service, variety and value. You can find an array of choices around campus combined with seasonal promotions and themed events.

Hospitality Services offers you the convenience of our Mac Express Meal Plans that save you up to 13% on your purchases and also save you from the burden of having to carry cash. Not only do you have access to food choices on campus, but you can also enjoy the services of a number of local off-campus restaurants. With more than twenty dining locations on campus supplying a selection to satisfy everyone’s tastes, Hospitality Services has exactly what you need to make your food experience an appetizing one!

Chris Roberts
Director, Hospitality Services

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Nutrition and Dietary Restrictions

If you require accommodations to your diet, our Registered Dietitian will be glad to meet with you to discuss potential accommodations to your diet.

CALL US: 905-525-9140 Ext. 23072

Eco-Takeout Container Program

Keeping MAC Green

As part of our efforts to reduce the environmental impacts, Hospitality Services has introduced an Eco-Takeout Container Program. It is available at East Meets West Bistro, Bridges and CENTRO. Anyone who lives, works or eats on campus can participate in the Program.



We guarantee you will be completely satisfied with the quality of our food. If you are not 100% satisfied, we will replace the item or refund your money. It can’t be any simpler, just let our Supervisors or Managers know.

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Where’s the best place to get your late night eats? What are Mac’s signature food items and where can you find halal, vegetarian, and diverse food options? We’ve got you covered. Download the MacEats app, a list of food service locations and details available at your fingertips. This app is brought to you by McMaster University Hospitality Services and has the most reliable information about food available on-campus.

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