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It is important for Hospitality Services to take a strategic approach when considering a straw ban on campus. We need to take into consideration all of the stakeholders in the customer base, including those who rely on straws as a result of physical limitations. We need to fully understand the broader systemic sustainability issue and how a more holistic approach may have a greater impact for our customers, community and environment.

This is a decision that will require a diverse student consultation and while we continue to research the best comprehensive approach to reducing our environmental impact, we have made the following commitments for the current year:

 To continue student and stakeholder consultation, including discussions with the MSU Executive and the Equity & Inclusion office, in regards to the impact of the initiative on service, cost and convenience before any type of implementation is considered.

 To promote our re-useable container and mug program through multiple channels to reduce the amount of waste being generated from take-out products.

 Hold consultative meetings with the City of Hamilton Health Department to understand regulations around personal take-out containers.

Please free to contact me directly if you have any questions regarding this initiative or our approach.

Chris Roberts
Director, Hospitality Services