La Piazza

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Location: McMaster Student Centre

La Piazza, located at the hub of the Student Centre, encapsulates the essence of campus dining and student activity. At Creation X, students can watch their selections being prepared right before their eyes. Continental Drift is a pasta stir-fry favourite, where students choose the fresh ingredients for their pasta selection. Hammertown will entice you with numerous arrangements of sandwiches using fresh and delicious ingredients. The aroma of Bakery Magnifique will also tempt you with its gourmet-baked goods prepared fresh onsite.



Updated on: Dec. 16, 2015

Randal Patriquin
Chef Manager
ext. 24240


Demian Melnyk
Assistant Chef
ext. 24240


Tammy Homer
Assistant Manager
ext. 24240

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* All hours subject to change without advance notice

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